toronto comedy festival

For this web design project, I rebranded an existing event in Toronto. Just For Laugh 42 (JFL42) is an annual comedy festival that happens for 10 days in Fall. I first came across the event poster on the TTC.

As a stand-up comedy lover, I was sure to check their website out, and when I did I was utterly disappointed. The website barely had anything. I could not find enthusiasm anywhere in the website, so I decided to create the event's website interesting and exciting so that everyone cannot wait to attend the event. 

I went through the whole process from creating a persona to designing the website layout, and finally coding it using Javascript to make the website fully responsive. I have to say it was really challenging especially the Javascript part. But in the end it paid off and I was left with the website I wish it were used for the real event. 

Year: October, 2018

Used program: Illustrator, Sublime Text, Javascript

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