sole magazine

Don't you have one of those days?

You just walk without a specific destination

in mind. You walk and walk for so long

you don't even know where you are going.

What if I told you, your shoes can take you

to your destination wherever it might be.

Would you be interested in their story?

I saw people came and went by the TTC subway, and I noticed countless pairs of shoes moving in a busy rhythm. Then I thought shoes are the ones that help us walking, running, dancing and more. They are kind of important too after all, I guess. Then the idea about shoes has evolved when I gave them an ego. Instead of us wearing them for fashion, for comfort, shoes have its own mind and it takes us to our destinations and to good places. 

I connected shoes to destination, and naturally people's daily life story who wear those shoes became the centre of the magazine. Shoes here is a source to get to know the people who wear them. Shoes can tell a lot about one's age, personality, daily mood, and can get very specific depending on where one's going. Is she on her way to her first interview or is he going to a party?

In the end, this magazine is not about shoes but more about our neighbours, our fellow human beings. This magazine focuses on telling their story by capturing their shoes and destination. 

Year: September - December 2019

Photographer & writer: Hyunan Ryu

Dimensions: 8 x 10 in

Total page number: 52

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