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Sole Magazine

Editorial Design & Art Direction


Do you ever have one of those days? Where you just want to walk without a specific destination in mind? You walk and walk for so long

you don't even know where you are going.

What if I told you, your shoes can take you to your destination wherever

it might be...

Would you be interested in the stories of soles?

This project came into its existence when I was sitting quietly on the TTC subway observing the busy people of Toronto coming and going. It seemed to me as though countless pairs of shoes moving in rhythm. As the saying goes, "Good shoes will take you to good places." I thought each pair of shoes must have its own destination and story to tell. And there I wondered, "Where are all these shoes going?"

Sole magazine tells stories of my encounter with beautiful shoes and the people who wear them.

Shapes 3_edited_edited.png


Shapes 3_edited_edited.png


From the concept phase to the finish, I was deeply and completely immersed in creating Sole Magazine. I was the photographer, writer, illustrator, designer, proofreader and above all, art director to overlook everything that has to do

with the project. 

It has taught me how to plan but not to over plan, how to

trust my decisions and process when I could not see the outcome right away, and much more.


It was truly a humbling experience, and I enjoyed every

second of it. 


Dimensions: 8 x 10 inches, 52 pages

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