the letter F series

In this letter series project, I was given a letter f to make a risograph poster and a booklet containing thorough research about the letter f. In the poster I explored and incorporated a variety of contrasts

such as Stance, Weight, Case, Structure, Size, and Set Width of the letter f. When the designing part was done, and when I had to print the poster, that was a real challenge. To get the result I want I test printed multiple times, and set up the colors in right order, think about the opacity, overlaying elements, etc again and again. 

I learned a lot through the mistakes and was very satisfied with the final poster in the end. 

For the booklet project, I did an in-depth research of the letter f. The 24 page booklet is divided into four sections; Historical Development, Form and Structure, Corporate Identity of Fendi, and Letter F in modern language. I designed spreads accordingly to the topic of each section.


After having done the booklet, I learned to be creative within the grid system I set, and also felt that research should be always an important part of design process. I think the booklet came out really nice with the good amount of research. I was able to explore and expand more while designing the booklet. 

Year: February - March, 2019

Dimensions: poster 11 x 17 in, booklet 6 x 8 in

Material: poster - Japanese texture paper

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