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Kooltech Mechanical

Rebrand & Marketing Collateral Design

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The purpose of this project was to re-brand (logo to billboard poster), and create a brand identity guide for Kooltech Mechanical during my internship at Cayenne Creative. Kooltech Mechanical

is a heating & cooling products installation company providing their service to customers in the Ottawa area since 2004. 

I started by studying the original Kooltech Mechanical's brand image through the website as it is vital to understand the client's business in and out. Not to mention having visuals of the original brand gives me inspiration and helps me choose which design direction I should take. 


Shapes 3_edited_edited.png

While conducting research about all things Kooltech Mechanical and its business, I got the impression that Kooltech Mechanical's initial brand had a 'your next door neighbour who is also a fixer' approach. While keeping that friendly image, I wanted add professionalism and a younger image to broaden the target audience to younger homeowners. 

Once final logo was decided, I went ahead and designed a billboard poster as well as the brand guide. To make the guide easily comprehensive, I specified all colour choices for the logo, and provided examples of logos in different colour backgrounds. 

Shapes 3_edited_edited.png


While being an intern at Cayenne Creative, the Creative Director had me time all of my design processes, and this project was no exception.


At the end of the project, I could see how I had spent less and less time on each of the design processes. This was great training for real life project time lines and scenarios. 


1 logo

1 Billboard poster

Digital brand guide book: 11 x 17 inches, 5 pages

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