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game emga 게임 앰

Branding & Package Design


Game emga 게임 엠가 is a Korean word chain board game with eye catching illustrations designed to aid players to learn both Korean and English words all the while having fun.


After doing some research, I learned that there are numerous Korean word chain board games in the market, yet there has not been a game that is bilingual. Thus the inspiration for this project began. 

Game emga is in both Korean and English, making it accessible by Korean and English speakers alike

who wish to expand their vocabulary list.

Game emga 게임 엠가 was designed to serve several purposes: recreation, education and sustainability.

I wanted to make a game that can be useful even when it is not in use. Keeping that in mind, Game emga 게임 엠가 contains a game book, game cards, writing pads, pencils, and string & clip set.

The game book includes game rules and information on how to write each Korean word to help players further learn about the words and practice writing on the writing pads.


When the game is not in use, game cards can be hung up on the wall using strings and clips.

They will turn into a wall decoration as well as a good reminder for memorizing the words. 

Shapes 3_edited_edited.png


Shapes 3_edited_edited.png


Game emga 게임 엠가 was a very hands on project. It traversed from crafting prototypes of each compartment package, to digital engineering to make the intangible concept tangible.


A lot of print work went into making sure the design was well executed. Also this was my first time using a laser cutter,

and it took me a while to work my way around it, but it was

very rewarding at the end. 

Staying on top of production schedule was a key to completing this project successfully.


Dimension: 8.5 x 8.5 inches

The game includes:

1 x game book

20 x game cards

5 x writing pads

10 x pencils

12 x clips

2m string

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