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Toronto Comedy Festival

Web Design & Coding


Toronto Comedy Festival is a project where I rebranded the annual comedy festival, Just For Laughs Toronto that happens for 10 days in Fall. I first came across the event poster on the TTC subway. As a stand-up comedy lover, I was sure to check their website out and when I did I couldn't help but feeling that it's missing the fun and joyful vibe.

That's where my inspiration for this project began. I started off by researching target audiences, creating a persona and wireframes. Then I moved onto the design phase where I researched and built moodboards to create my ideal version of a website for the Toronto Comedy Festival. I also had screen size variations in mind to fit three different devices: laptop, tablets/ipad and mobile. Each page's design was slightly modified to fit the various screen sizes.  


I chose vibrant colours to represent comedy, happiness and joy. By adding decorative lines and shapes to the layout, I aimed to add silly, welcoming and whimsical qualities to the website. 

When the design phase was done, I coded the whole website from scratch. 

Shapes 3_edited_edited.png


Coding was definitely the hardest part while carrying out this project as I did not have any prior knowledge. However, I tried

the very best I could within my capacity, and with help of a good friend(you know who you are ;D), I could finish this project. 

I say "finish" here, however I wouldn't call this website a fully working and responsive website. My focus for this project was to learn about Web Design and UX/UI Design processes from the beginning to the end. And by having done each step myself, I now have an understanding of how it's done.

I thoroughly enjoyed each phase of the project, and I can't wait to learn more. 


Toronto Comedy Festival Web

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