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Carolina J.

Editorial Design


This is an editorial project I did for my client Carolina J. 

who is an interior designer from Brazil. With photographs she provided (which captured her work beautifully), I carefully edited and curated this portfolio book. 

Photographs & writing: Carolina J.

Shapes 3_edited_edited.png

As the photographs depict structure, space and furniture, my aim was to

create layouts that emphasize and showcase them in the best manner possible. 

Getting inspired by the orientation of the photographs and the way furniture 

was placed, everything came naturally. When choosing the main typeface, 

I wanted a typeface that was elegant and quiet, but still impactful.

Shapes 3_edited_edited.png


This wasn't just another editorial project to me as this was to be a personal portfolio that showcased my client's work. I had to consider how best I could reflect her personality and style into the spreads while emphasizing her work. 


In terms of communicating with a client, I knew that tailoring to the client's needs and wants were important, however

I learned that sometimes I have to trust my design decisions and say no to the client. 


Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches, 27 pages

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