Hello there,

So this is me! I am Hyunan Ryu from S.Korea, but my friends call me Ann. I've recently graduated from the York University and Sheridan College Design program (YSDN), and I am looking to be a part of a pawsome design team.


I am a multidisciplinary designer, however I find myself enjoying the most for branding, editorial, packaging design, and illustration.  

My love for design lies in its ability to bring people together and connect them under one unified goal in each project. On that note, my goals as a designer is to create designs that are people-centered and tell their unique story through strong visual.

  Something about me
  • I actively seek my sassy cat Mia's attention (I usually fail) 

  • I binge-watch K-dramas

  • I shove snackies in my mouth (I love you, chocolate pretzels)

  • I go for a bike ride often, but I don't own a bike

  • I cook a meal as if I am going to feed 4 people (I have a generous hand)

  If you read this far, you like me a little!
  Send me a buzz :)